Living & Visiting

While we take pride in being the Peach Capital of the World, the sweetness of this amazing place doesn't end with Peaches. From festivals to the arts to nature and the great outdoors, Peach County offers a wealth of leisure activities.

It also boasts an active recreation department and a long tradition for good golf. Music and the arts make life in Peach County even sweeter, and we welcome visitors to experience these activities as well. You’ll find performance arts practiced throughout the area.

Peach County offers safe neighborhoods, good schools, a proactive sheriff's office  fire  department, hardworking county employees, great small and local businesses and many churches in which to worship.

Civic, business, and non-profit groups assist with many local functions and community wide activities. The Chamber of Commerce does an outstanding job of providing resources and networking with our local businesses and community leaders.

Home to the Georgia Peach Festival and the American Camellia Society, Peach County employees cook the World's Largest (and likely best) Peach Cobbler every summer.

With rolling fields, miles of streams and acres of ponds and the Flint River and all its natural wonder and sprawling fields for quail and deer hunting, Peach County is a sportsman's paradise. The Flint River, which is contained entirely within the state of Georgia, is 349 river miles long and drains an area of 8,460 square miles. The Flint flows unimpeded for nearly 220 river miles, which makes it one of only 40 rivers in the U.S. that flow more than 200 river miles unimpeded. The Flint River has one of only 42 free-flowing river reaches longer than 125 miles remaining in the contiguous 48 states.