Child Safety

Keeping Children Safe

Even at an early age, you can help your children remain safe by having them commit to and understand these simple rules that help them avoid danger, especially from strangers:

  • Before going anywhere, I will get permission from my parents by telling them where I am going, who I am going with, how I am getting there, who is going with me and how I will be getting back.
  • I will get permission from my parents before getting into a car or leaving with anyone, including people I know.
  • I will not change my plans or accept money or gifts without telling my parents.
  • If someone offers me drugs, I will tell a grown-up immediately.
  • I will use the "buddy" system whenever possible and will avoid playing or going places by myself.
  • I will not keep it a secret if a grown-up touches me in a way that makes me feel confused, but will tell a grown-up I trust. Also, I won't feel guilt if it happens because it is not my fault.
  • I will trust my feelings and will share them with grown-ups I trust. They care about me and I am not alone.
  • If I feel unsafe, I will never give up and will continue asking for help until I get it.
  • I will keep myself safe because I am a special person who deserves it.